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Working Student Program

The instructors at The Riding Center believe in equipping their students with the principles of whole horsemanship and will include leading and tying up, grooming, tacking up and riding. These skills will further the students to becoming knowledgeable and proficient horse owners in the future as well as expert riders.


The Riding Center also offers a working student program to help further your child’s love of horses without having to purchase one right away. Once your student has mastered the basic skills he or she can experience the full responsibilities that go along with owning a horse without actually owning one! We offer discounted lessons for the students in our working student program along with the ability to get extra riding time.


Requirements:   Student must be able to groom and tack their horse without instruction


Lessons:  Weekly


Hours:  12 hours of work per week, more if they’d like.


Call for more details if your student is interested in this exciting program!





Freeburg, IL

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