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Ladies' Lessons

​A number of years ago, our optimistic friend Anne, had the idea to offer a reduced mid week lesson called Ladies' Morning. The lesson was for new riders to develop their riding skills in a low- key supportive atmosphere. Skill was optional and laughter roared. The lesson quickly became a favorite. The Air Force transferred Anne’s husband and Casey took over. She gave the group the nickname of the “Bad News Broads.”  Many find themselves rearranging their schedules so they will not miss. It is hard to tell what makes the appointment a ‘must’ for the students – the lessons themselves or the camaraderie. A number of years have passed and Chelsea conducts the lesson.  Occasionally a male is brave enough to join in.  Amidst all the laughter, many have seen their riding skills greatly improve.

Moreover, what would be better than to have your friends cheering for you the moment you finally mastered that skill? Whether you only walk or trot or can do spins and flying lead changes, there is something for everyone in the Ladies' Lessons. A short group trail ride is often enjoyed afterwards when weather permits.  Come check it out! 

When:  Tuesday Afternoons from 2:00-4:00pm

Cost:  $35/person

Want to reserve your spot?

                       Contact Chelsea at 618.616.6434

*Negative Coggins required if horse does not reside

                       at The Riding Center





Freeburg, IL

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